Jacobo Lacs of Panama Breeding Seahorses at Istmo Zoo
Seahorse Breeding at Istmo Zoo

As the director of Zoologico del Istmo, S.A., in Colon, Panama, Jacobo Lacs has made significant contributions to the protection and propagation of rare tropical bird species. In 1999, he was the first person to breed the curly-head toucanet worldwide, and the first person in Panama to breed captive blue-headed macaws. In 2011, Jacobo Lacs utilized protocol incubation and hand feeding to breed umbrella birds in captivity.

In addition to his work with Zoologico del Istmo, Mr. Lacs is involved with a number of conservation organizations. He serves on the board of directors for The Peregrine Fund, which was established in 1970 to aid in the protection of the peregrine falcon in North America. Currently, the organization’s efforts involve not just peregrine falcons, but also the protection, breeding, and release of harpy eagles and other raptors.

Mr. Lacs also offers consultation services to organizations such as the Dallas World Aquarium, with which he has traded research support for assistance in creating free-flight aviaries at Zoologico del Istmo.


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